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About Us

Bright Interior is one of the creative, exclusive interior design and decoration services firms. We are creating dream and luxurious design for your home. Our main goal is client motivation and satisfaction by our designs. We are giving full interior design and decoration, design estimation, working drawing, material ideas, total solutions.

Our fundamental belief is that design should be about people. We consider form, function, and the connection between the user and the environment. When designing a space, we ask ourselves, will the space and products within contribute in an innovative way? Does it make the space useful, aesthetic, and long lasting? How will the environment enhance the experience for the end user, while satisfying the needs and goals of the client? It is our goal to create functional, attractive spaces that improve the end-user experience, and inspire people to make a positive change in their environment.

Md. Abdullah Mahmud

Founder & Managing Director

I am Abdullah Mahmud. I am a founder of Bright Interior BD. We are giving interior design and decoration total solution in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have expert and professional interior design, architect engineer, supervisor, construction team leader.

Md. Kawsar Alam

CEO and Interior Designer

I am Kawsar Alam. I am an expert and professional in Interior Design, Interior Supervision, Interior Consultancy, Client Presentation, Total Design Solution. I have 6+ years experience in this field. I have completed 200 interior projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Uttam Bala

Supervisor & Team Leader

I am Uttam Bala. I am a professional and expert in interior design supervision and maintain the construction team. I have 22+ years experience in design supervision, construction team management, materials purchasing, client presentation, client handling, design and decoration solution.

Sohel Chowdhury

General Manager

I am Sohel Chowdhury . I’m  expert and professional interior design, architect engineer, supervisor, construction team leader. We are giving commitment to you for your design decoration services.

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